Major Autumn Auction

Saturday 26. November 2011 at 3 p.m.

283 Lots
  • Baluch Bag Face

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    • Lot281
    • OriginNorth East Persia, Khorasan
    • Dimensions74 x 73 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR300
    A Baluch bag face showing a dense repeat of flowers and octagons inspired by the Persian mina khani design. The flatwoven finishes have survived at both ends. – Slight signs of age and wear.
  • Kurdish Khorjin

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    • Lot282
    • OriginNorth West Persia, Kurdistan
    • Dimensions52 x 27 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EURno reserve
    A double bag in miniature format. Each of the red, pile-woven faces shows a white solid cross containing arrows arranged concentrically as well as a white-ground border of reciprocal trefoils. Colourful closure bands woven in sumakh technique, a striped kilim back. – Very well preserved.
  • Raffia Textile Panel

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    • Lot283
    • OriginCentral Africa, Congo
    • Dimensions282 x 57 cm
    • AgeCa. 1940
    • Estimate EUR300
    The second raffia textile offered in this auction has a white ground. Composed of five sections, it is decorated with angled forms. – Good condition, several stains.

    GILLOW, JOHN, African Textiles. London 2003, ill. p. 193 ff.