General Carpet Auction

Saturday 09. May 2020 at 3 p.m.

168 Lots
  • Baluch Sitting Rug

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    • Lot41
    • OriginNorth East Persia, Khorasan
    • Dimensions75 x 76 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR750
    A square sitting rug woven by the Salar Khani tribe in a hexagonal lattice design. A fine weave, a silky and glossy pile. – Original selvedges at the sides, both ends minimally reduced, good condition.
  • Kordi Bag Half

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    • Lot42
    • OriginNorth East Persia, Khorasan
    • Dimensions75 x 76 cm
    • AgeFirst quarter 20th century
    • Estimate EUR375
    Half of a large double bag by the Khorasan Kurds. The dense design consists of diamonds enclosing hooked diamonds in colours that are characteristic of the provenance. - Good condition, the original striped kilim back survives, moth damage.
  • Shahsavan Bag Face

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    • Lot43
    • OriginSouth East Caucasus, Moghan region
    • Dimensions47 x 50 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR375
    Finely woven in the sumakh technique, this Moghan Shahsavan bag face shows hooked diamonds in a white field and a blue border decorated with minutely detailed, hooked box shapes. - Good condition, both ends slightly reduced.

    ENGELHARDT, EVA, Orientteppiche der Sonderklasse. Heidelberg 1982, ill. p. 147

  • Two Shahsavan Mafrash Panels

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    • Lot44
    • OriginSouth East Caucasus, Moghan region
    • Dimensionsa = 37 x 103 cm, b = 44 x 45 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR375
    Two Moghan Shahsavan cargo bag panels, both woven in the sumakh technique. – Slight signs of age and wear, good overall condition.
    • Lot45
    • OriginWestern Central Persia
    • Dimensions271 x 174 cm
    • AgeSecond quarter 20th century
    • Estimate EUR2,500
    A village rug by the Bakhtiari of the Chahar Mahal region, woven in a dense repeat of hexagonal compartments which contain vases, large blossoms and flowering stems. The white main border shows a vine of palmettes and arabesques. – Repiled lower finish, original upper kilim finish and sides, good condition.
  • Alpan Kuba

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    • Lot46
    • OriginEast Caucasus
    • Dimensions194 x 128 cm
    • AgeEarly 20th century
    • Estimate EUR2,200
    A red-ground Alpan Kuba featuring a wide border section. The field design harks back to Caucasian silk embroideries. – Very good condition, original finishes all around.
  • Verdure Fragment

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    • Lot47
    • OriginCentral France, Aubusson
    • Dimensions204 x 106 cm
    • Age18th century
    • Estimate EUR300
    A fragment of a verdure tapestry. At the lower end of the field, a mighty tree stands on a ground overgrown with huge leaves and flowering plants; the dense foliage of its crown fills the whole upper section of the field. – Good condition, edged all around with a two-tone tape added at a later date. Backed with a white fabric on the reverse.
  • Qashqa’i

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    • Lot48
    • OriginSouth West Persia, Fars
    • Dimensions194 x 108 cm
    • AgeCa. 1900
    • Estimate EUR350
    This Qashqa’i displays a rare field design of star-shaped blossoms and flowering plants placed on a midnight blue ground; the red spandrels are separated from the field by stepped diagonals decorated with bird’s heads. Two borders of equal width contain small diamonds. – Slight signs of wear, one major repair, good overall condition, original finishes all around.
  • Azeri Verneh

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    • Lot49
    • OriginSouth Caucasus
    • Dimensions179 x 148 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR1,250
    This Azeri decorative cover has a brown foundation with a design woven in the brocading technique. Large offset diamonds in brilliant and diverse colours cover the whole of the field. The border consists of small diamonds within a white diamond lattice. – Very good condition, except for minimal damage to the sides and small creases, original finishes all around.

    WILLBORG, PETER, & ALBERTSON, INGEMAR, Woven Magic. A Book About Kilims. Stockholm 1992, no. 46

    • Lot50
    • OriginSouth East Caucasus
    • Dimensions264 x 121 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR1,250
    Three very large octagons in red and white, with the typical Chajli design of twigs and abstract animals arranged around a central square, take up the midnight blue field. Hooked diamonds and small flowers are distributed around them. – New overcasting along the sides, minimally reduced ends, small inserted areas, otherwise in good condition.