Major Autumn Auction

Saturday 05. December 2009 at 3 p.m.

266 Lots
    • Lot1
    • OriginNorth East Caucasus
    • Dimensions144 x 99 cm
    • Age1247 = 1832
    • Estimate EUR400
    A dark blue rectangle containing human and animal figures has been placed at the centre of a yellow field densely covered in small botehs. Four tiny human figures have been included in the field design at the sides, two horsemen are integrated into the star border. Dated 1247 (= 1832 AD), this carpet, probably made in Daghestan, represents a period of Caucasian pile-weaving of which little is known as only a small number of examples survive, thus it constitutes an important reference piece. – Heavy damage due to age, reduced ends, darned areas.
  • Silk Jijim

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    • Lot2
    • OriginNorth West Persia, Azerbaijan
    • Dimensions153 x 142 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR850
    A Shahsavan silk jijim of a fine, cloth-like weave, composed of four panels, with an abstract stripe design in golden yellow, grass-green, white, tomato red and dark blue. Unlike woollen jijims, such decorative covers made from precious materials were not used in daily life, but only at celebrations. – Well preserved except for small holes, several vertical tears in need of restoration and slight damage to the sides.
  • Shahsavan Mafrash Side Panel

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    • Lot3
    • OriginSouth East Caucasus, Moghan region
    • Dimensions60 x 100 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR500
    A mafrash side panel in sumakh technique, with offset hooked diamonds in red and white in the deep blue central stripe, and diagonal crosses on a white ground in the two narrower stripes. – Good condition.

    DIENES, GERHARD M. & REINISCH, HELMUT, 2001 und 1e Nacht. Teppiche und Textilien aus Privatsammlungen. Graz 2001, no. 217 *** WERTIME, JOHN T., Sumak Bags of Northwest Persia & Transcaucasia. London 1998, no. 59

  • Set of Persian Bags (4)

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    • Lot4
    • OriginN/A
    • DimensionsN/A
    • AgeVarious dates
    • Estimate EUR750
    Four Persian nomad bags: a. Qashqa´i bag face, ca. 74 x 65 cm, South West Persia, ca. 1900, a blue ground with a red central diamond, well preserved; b. Bijar sumakh bag, ca. 33 x 28 cm, North West Persia, ca. 1900, a stylised tree-of-life, slight signs of wear; c. Bakhtiari spoon bag, ca. 39 x 20 cm, western Central Persia, early 20th century, only the knotted bag face survives, a floral design on a white ground, good condition; d. Shahsavan sumakh, ca. 48 x 57 cm, North West Persia, late 19th century, front of a mafrash in sumakh technique with a stripe design, well preserved
  • Zeikhur Miniature Carpet

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    • Lot5
    • OriginEast Caucasus, Kuba
    • Dimensions31 x 32 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR950
    The white field is decorated with a diamond lattice design containing small stepped polygons with crosses at their centres. Exclusively made for personal use, such miniature carpets rarely reached the trade, and are thus little known in the West. – Very good condition, original finishes all around.
  • Azeri Flatweave

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    • Lot6
    • OriginSouth Caucasus, Azerbaijan
    • Dimensions175 x 96 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR2,900
    This white-ground flatwoven rug, a weaving by the Turkic Azeri tribe in the southern Caucasus, has a brocaded design of trees placed in offset rows and a multitude of small, four-legged animals. A pretty collector´s item with a bold design woven in beautiful colours. – Good condition.
  • Ningxia Seat Cover

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    • Lot7
    • OriginWest China
    • Dimensions63 x 71 cm
    • AgeFirst half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR1,500
    This small, yellow-ground carpet once formed part of one of the long bench covers used by monks in the halls of Tibetan monasteries. Two very similar pieces from the Engelhardt Collection were sold by us in 2004 and 2005. – Very good condition.

    RIPPON BOSWELL Wiesbaden, A 64, 20/11/2004, # 36 und A 66, 19/11/2005, # 22

  • Ningxia Bench Cover

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    • Lot8
    • OriginWest China
    • Dimensions64 x 70 cm
    • AgeFirst half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR1,500
    Another section of the same bench cover as the previous lot.
    • Lot9
    • OriginCentral Asia, East Turkestan
    • Dimensions187 x 133 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR3,400
    The light-brown field is decorated with a wide-meshed lattice filled with large, cruciform floral clusters. – Signs of wear in the pile, sides reselvedged.
  • Tibetan Meditation Mat

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    • Lot10
    • OriginSouth Tibet
    • Dimensions62 x 61 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR700
    This small square carpet with a brown field and brown-red border served as a sitting mat for meditating monks. – Slight signs of wear.