Major Spring Auction

Saturday 29. May 2010 at 3 p.m.

292 Lots
  • Bijar Kilim

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    • Lot11
    • OriginNorth West Persia, Kurdistan
    • Dimensions307 x 163 cm
    • AgeCa. 1900
    • Estimate EUR2,700
    A large Kurdish kilim from the Bijar region woven on a cotton warp. The open brown field is filled by a powerful ogival medallion displaying large blossoms in light colours on a rose ground. The azure corners, linked at the sides, contain abstract floral designs and stepped diamonds. Original finishes all around, good condition.
    • Lot12
    • OriginNorth East Persia, Khorasan
    • Dimensions251 x 163 cm
    • AgeCa. 1920
    • Estimate EUR2,400
    A coarsely woven Kurdish carpet from Khorasan with a two-tone field. A blue rectangle enclosing a huge medallion decorated with four arrows sits at the centre. Both ends show three red-brown horizontal stripes adorned with Memling güls and diamonds. The border consists of two stripes in white and red enclosing simple vines with flowers. Original finishes all around, several creases.
  • Azeri Kilim

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    • Lot13
    • OriginSouth Caucasus Azerbaijan
    • Dimensions255 x 190 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR2,000
    A large, single-panel slit tapestry woven in the southern Caucasus, with a dense, hermetical repeat of hexagons in constantly changing colours enclosing diamonds whose outlines are decorated with polygons. The narrow, white-ground border merges with the field design at the long sides, whereas it is set off from the field by a red-and-white dividing line at the narrow sides. Several stains and darned areas. The warp threads have been braided into wide plaits at both ends.
  • Shahsavan Mafrash

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    • Lot14
    • OriginSouth East Caucasus, Moghan region
    • Dimensionsa = 55 (56) x 53 cm, b = 142 x 100 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR1,000
    A large bag by the Moghan Shahsavan in sumakh technique, with a design of horizontal stripes containing hooked diamonds and syrga motifs all around. Called „mafrash“, such bags served to store household effects such as bedding and as transport bags during the migrations of the tribe. Old photographs show camels fully loaded with mafrash bags and Shahsavan women sitting on top of them. In its current condition, this mafrash has been separated into its components (the two faces, the kilim bottom of red and brown stripes and the two separate side panels). Signs of age and wear.

    HEGENBART, HEINZ, Seltene Webtaschen aus dem Orient. Sammlung Adil Besim. Munich 1982, pl. 20

  • Luri Bakhtiari Bag Side Panel

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    • Lot15
    • OriginWestern Central Persia
    • Dimensions70 x 103 cm
    • AgeEarly 20th century
    • Estimate EUR1,800
    Side panel of a large packing bag, formerly part of a khorjin. The upper section is woven in sumakh technique, with two rows of hooked diamonds on a blue ground and a wide border of three stripes decorated with geometric designs. A piled pattern panel at the bottom contains octagons filled with stars on a blazing red ground. Slight signs of age and wear, upper and lower finishes a little reduced.
    • Lot16
    • OriginNorth West Persia, Azerbaijan
    • Dimensions198 x 137 cm
    • AgeCa. 1910
    • Estimate EUR2,900
    Sides newly overcast, minimally reduced ends, slight signs of wear.
  • Ningxia Pillar Rug

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    • Lot17
    • OriginWest China
    • Dimensions256 x 155 cm
    • AgeCa. 1800
    • Estimate EUR2,600
    This Ningxia pillar rug, originally made for one of the monasteries in the west of China, shows a rare form of the dragon with feathers at the end of its tail. The example illustrated by Herrmann is drawn in the same style, but less detailed in ornamentation, and may therefore date from a later period. Obvious signs of wear, the pile is badly worn in places, reduced at the upper end.

    HERRMANN, EBERHART, Seltene Orientteppiche 8. Munich 1986, no. 120

  • Tibetan Meditation Mat

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    • Lot18
    • OriginSouth Tibet
    • Dimensions40 x 69 cm
    • AgeCa. 1900
    • Estimate EUR580
    A very small meditation mat with a chequerboard design in beige and dark brown surrounded by a meander border. Slight signs of wear, edged with an old fabric all around.
  • Ningxia Fragment

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    • Lot19
    • OriginWest China
    • Dimensions163 x 68 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR350
    Fragment of a bench runner with an offset arrangement of cloud medallions on a golden yellow field and a salmon border of drop-shaped pearls. Such long bench runners were often cut into sections before export from China, and new outer borders were added to make the fragments appear like complete rugs. Full pile preserved.

    LARSSON JR., LENNART, Carpets from China, Xinjiang & Tibet. London 1988, no. 51

  • Chinese Silk Embroidery

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    • Lot20
    • OriginChina
    • Dimensions103 x 145 cm
    • Age18th / 19th century
    • Estimate EUR1,500
    A precious silk textile composed of two panels, with a mirror image design finely embroidered in silk and gold thread. Twelve small circular dragon medallions have been placeed at the centre; the upper and lower ends show wide friezes in which two large dragons with golden bodies, curled like snakes, chase a flaming pearl that floats in front of them. They are flying through clouds above a foaming sea surrounding sacred Mount Meru. The absence of borders along the sides may mean that the textile originally belonged to a longer pictorial panel. The sides have been edged with a wide trim of gold brocade. Very good condition.