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Saturday 05. December 2020 at 3 p.m.

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    • Lot61
    • OriginLondon & New York
    • Dimensions39 x 30 cm
    • Age1938-1939
    • Estimate EUR850
    POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM (ed.), A Survey of Persian Art from Prehistoric Times to the Present. 6 volumes (Oxford University Press). London & New York 1938–1939. – Volume I: Text (Pre-Achaemenid, Achaemenid, Parthian and Sasanian Periods); Volume II: Text (Architecture, The Ceramic Arts, Calligraphy and Epigraphy); Volume III: Text (The Art of the Book, Textiles, Carpets, Metalwork, Minor Arts); Volume IV: Plates 1–510; Volume V: Plates 511–980; Volume VI: Plates 981–1482. – A rare original edition. Light blue linen binding embossed with gold. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Slight signs of wear, good condition.
    • Lot62
    • OriginBerlin
    • Dimensions51,5 x 36,5 cm
    • Age1877
    • Estimate EUR175
    LESSING, JULIUS, Altorientalische Teppichmuster. Nach Bildern und Originalen des XV.- XVI. Jahrhunderts. (Portfolio) Berlin no date (1877). – Portfolio folder with an embossed front cover, 30 plates, the text is missing. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Signs of wear, good overall condition.
    • Lot63
    • OriginBaku - Leningrad
    • Dimensions46 x 35 cm
    • Age1961
    • Estimate EUR180
    KERIMOV, LJATIF, Aserbaischankij Kowjer I. Baku - Leningrad 1961. – Original edition in Russian and Azerbaijani. Dark green linen binding, gold-embossed front. Comprehensive text, 238 plates with illustrations of Caucasian carpets and drawings of their designs in black-and-white and colour. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Many hand-written notes, translations and comments in German by the previous owner. – Slight signs of wear, good condition.
    • Lot64
    • OriginSt. Petersburg
    • Dimensions72,5 x 54
    • Age1908
    • Estimate EUR500
    BOGOLUBOW, ANDREI ANDREIJEWITSCH, Tapisseries de L'Asie Centrale faisant partie de la collection réunie par A. Bogolubow. St. Petersburg 1908. Printed by Karl W. Hiersemann, Leipzig. – Dark green folder in the Imperial folio format. 43 plates and two maps. Russian text supplement. The French text supplement is missing. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Slight signs of wear on the outside of the folder, otherwise in very good condition.
    • Lot65
    • OriginBerlin
    • Dimensions54 x 37 cm
    • Age1924
    • Estimate EUR200
    SARRE, FRIEDRICH & SCHULZ, BRUNO, Ardabil. Grabmoschee des Schech Safi. Denkmäler Persischer Baukunst Part II. Berlin 1924. - Portfolio comprising XXI plates, text supplement of 28 pages. Dark green cardboard binding. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Good condition.
    • Lot66
    • OriginBerlin
    • Dimensions26 x 26 cm
    • Age1922
    • Estimate EUR350
    GROTE-HASENBALG, WERNER, Der Orientteppich. Seine Geschichte und seine Kultur. 3 volumes. Berlin 1922. – Text volume of 228 pages, various black-and-white illustrations, 21 full-page plates partly in colour, as well as 7 plates of motifs and designs and one map. Illustrated volumes II and III comprising 120 colour illustrations of antique carpets in postcard format mounted onto card. – Rare edition with partial leather binding, green leather, brown covers with a craquelure design, gilt-edged pages at the top. Edition of 400 hand-bound copies. Drawn and numbered in Roman numerals by the author himself, this copy is number VIII. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Slight signs of wear, good condition.
    • Lot67
    • OriginLeipzig
    • Dimensions44 x 35 cm
    • Age1933
    • Estimate EUR400
    SCHMUTZLER, EMIL, Altorientalische Teppiche in Siebenbürgen. Leipzig 1933. Folio format, light blue linen binding, gold-embossed black leather spine. Publication of 325 numbered copies, this copy is no. 34. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Slight signs of wear, good condition.
    • Lot68
    • OriginIstanbul
    • Dimensions48 x 35 cm
    • Age1961
    • Estimate EUR125
    SÜMERBANK (publ.), Eski Türk Halilarindan Ve Kilimlerinden Örnekler – Samples of the Old Turkish Carpets and Kilims. Istanbul 1961. – Hardcover, brief introductory text, 40 plates with coloured drawings of antique carpets in Turkish museums. - Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Good condition.
    • Lot69
    • OriginCentral Asia, West Turkestan
    • Dimensions39 x 76 cm
    • AgeEarly 19th century
    • Estimate EUR12,000
    At a first glance, the field design of this very rare torba – twelve flat Memling güls and large diamond-shaped secondary güls called "sagdak" by the Turkmen – might suggest a Salor weaving. Three Salor torbas woven in the same design were exhibited at Schloss Aschach in 2012. However, the knotting structure, type of wool and palette clearly indicate that the torba is attributable to the Tekke. – Minimal signs of age and wear, slight moth damage, small repairs. Very good overall condition, with the original finishes all around and the kilim back.

    TKF-WIEN (publ.), Gewebt und Geknüpft V, Die Pracht der Saloren. Exhibition at Schloss zu Aschach. Vienna 2012, nos. 38 - 40

  • Ersari Main Carpet

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    • Lot70
    • OriginCentral Asia, middle Amu Darya valley
    • Dimensions229 x 220 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR4,200
    A square Ersari main carpet, probably a weaving of the Chub Bash tribe. In the red field, three rows of seven octagonal güls alternate with hooked diamonds. High pile of glossy wool, brilliant colours. – Very good condition except for several small repiled areas. New overcasting along the sides, remnants of the kilim finishes survive.

    REUBEN, DAVID M., Gols And Guls II. London 2001, no. 12 *** RIPPON BOSWELL, A 66, 19/11/2005, lot 173