Major Spring Auction

Saturday 29. May 2021 at 3 p.m.

187 Lots
  • Shahsavan Bag Face

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    • Lot31
    • OriginSouth East Caucasus, Moghan region
    • Dimensions55 x 48 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR1,600
    Finely woven in the sumakh technique, this Moghan Shahsavan bag face used to belong to a khorjin. The field shows a design of steep diagonal stripes filled with tiny motifs. In the white main border, halved diamonds with double hooks attached to their tips are arranged in opposite directions. Purchased by the collector at Galerie Ostler, Munich. – Good condition.
    • Lot32
    • OriginCentral Caucasus
    • Dimensions218 x 146 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR3,700
    The sixteen horizontal oblong compartments in changing ground colours contain sixteen large Memling güls with either a star or a hooked diamond at their centres. The arrangement of the eight white compartments, placed at the left or right in an alternating rhythm, determines the way the design is read. Rugs featuring this distinctive design were woven in many areas of the Caucasus, including regions such as Moghan, Shirvan, Karabagh or Kazak. Judging by its structure using red wefts, the Kazak-like weave and the palette, this example was probably made in the surroundings of Elisabethpol, i.e. the Genje area. – Slight signs of age and wear, several repiled sections. Cut sides, replaced selvedges, both ends slightly reduced.
    • Lot33
    • OriginSouth East Caucasus
    • Dimensions210 x 121 cm
    • AgeFirst half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR4,800
    This Moghan features twelve Memling güls in a yellow-ground field and a white border of hooked rectangles aligned in a row. Its great age can be deduced from the size of the designs, the balanced composition and the heavily patinated colours. Purchased by the collector at Galerie Ostler, Munich. – Signs of age and wear, low pile, both ends minimally reduced.
  • Mohtashem Kashan

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    • Lot34
    • OriginCentral Persia
    • Dimensions197 x 136 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR11,500
    This very finely woven Mohtashem Kashan is a carpet of the garden type. A floral design of delicate stems laden with an abundance of blossoms fills the white field below the curved arch with perfect symmetry. It develops from a large vase with handles at the lower end of the field and two trees placed next to it. In the blue-black main border, the spaciously conceived vine with fan palmettes, arabesques and blossoms recalls the style of classic Persian workshop weavings dating from a far earlier period. In this respect it is an atypical feature in a Mohtashem Kashan. – Repiled end finishes, minor repairs, otherwise in good condition.
  • Qashqa’i Kilim

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    • Lot35
    • OriginSouth West Persia, Fars
    • Dimensions230 x 160 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR1,800
    A finely woven Qashqa’i kilim by the Darreh Shuri tribe. The open red field is notched at the centre and surrounded by hooked diamonds on a grey-blue ground. A wide border section. – Very good condition, original finishes all around.

    PARHAM, CYRUS, Masterpieces of Fars Rugs. Tehran 1996, no. 103 *** RIPPON BOSWELL, A 77, Kossow Collection, 26 March 2011, lot 163

  • Khamseh Long Rug

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    • Lot36
    • OriginSouth West Persia, Fars
    • Dimensions372 x 89 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR2,600
    Four white hexagonal medallions are linked by a pole on the central axis of a dark blue field densely filled with blossoms and animals. Two smaller white diamonds complete the primary design at the ends of the field. The ornamentation of the narrow yellow main border is an identifying feature of the Baharlu tribal group. Purchased by the collector at the Bausback Gallery in 2008. – Signs of age and wear, uniformly low pile, original finishes all around.
    • Lot37
    • OriginSouth Caucasus, Azerbaijan
    • Dimensions187 x 107 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR2,000
    Two massive star medallions with abstract animals take up the whole of the brown-red field, and a third medallion is cut and halved by the horizontal border at the upper end. The white main border shows large rosettes. – Signs of age and wear, uniformly low pile. The red original selvedges have been renewed in places. Original upper kilim finish, the lower finish is minimally reduced.

    TABIBNIA, MOSHE, Kazak del XIX Seculo. Milan 1995, pl. 33

  • Hereke Silk Rug

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    • Lot38
    • OriginNorth West Turkey
    • Dimensions192 x 120 cm
    • AgeCa. 1960
    • Estimate EUR4,800
    A very finely woven, top-quality silk rug produced in the Özipek workshop of Hereke. The light brown field contains a perfectly symmetrical tree with flowering branches drawn in elegant pastel shades which grows towards the apex of the baroque curved arch at the upper end of the field. The main border is woven in the souf relief technique. Its design of cup and fan palmettes, sickle leaves and arabesques stands out three-dimensionally from the shimmering ground shot with silver threads. – As new.
  • Varamin Ru Khorsi

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    • Lot39
    • OriginNorth East Persia, Khorasan
    • Dimensions151 x 146 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Estimate EUR850
    This flatwoven cover in a square size is a warming blanket (ru khorsi). A cruciform composed of one large cross and four smaller ones attached to it in a radial pattern lies at the centre of an otherwise empty red field. The motifs, four-armed diamonds, are woven in the sumakh technique. As is always the case in this type, pointed triangles protrude into the field from the sides, creating a serrated outline. The dark brown border contains rows of white blossoms. – Very good condition.

    BOUCHER, JEFF W., Baluchi Woven Treasures. Alexandria, VA 1989, pl. 26

  • Silk Kashan

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    • Lot40
    • OriginCentral Persia
    • Dimensions214 x 137 cm
    • AgeFirst quarter 20th century
    • Estimate EUR5,800
    A magnificent, finely woven silk rug from one of the Kashan master workshops. In the white field, a red ogival medallion with pendants is embedded in a dense basic design of floral stems. The burgundy border shows palmettes within a vine bearing leaves and flowers. – Very good condition, original finishes all around.