Major Spring Auction

Saturday 28. May 2022 at 3 p.m.

252 Lots
  • Gelveri Yastik

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    • Lot251
    • OriginCentral Anatolia
    • Dimensions102 x 55 cm
    • Agesecond half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR750 - 900

    Anatolian yastiks are cushion faces. These miniature rugs were woven for home use in traditional designs free from commercial influences, and are now coveted collector’s items. A textile back was attached to the knotted face, then the cushion was stuffed with cotton or sea grass. This antique yastik was produced in the village of Gelveri situated to the north west of Niğde. The shield-shaped field, with an inner outline of slanting hooks, is almost completely filled by two large floral stars. A larger rug of the same design is illustrated in Brüggemann/Böhmer, and a yastik in Benardout. – Signs of age and wear, missing sections in the pile, the original selvedges have partially survived, slightly reduced ends.

    BRÜGGEMANN, WERNER & BÖHMER, HARALD, Teppiche der Bauern und Nomaden in Anatolien. Hanover 1980, no. 13 *** BENARDOUT, RAYMOND, Woven Stars. Los Angeles 1996, no. 90 *** MOREHOUSE, BRIAN, Yastiks. Philadelphia 1996, no. 61

  • Kurdish Rug (Fragment)

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    • Lot252
    • OriginNorth West Persia, North Kurdistan
    • Dimensions232 x 106 cm
    • Agefirst half 19th century
    • Estimate EUR1,900 - 2,400

    Rows of hexagons in changing ground colours, each enclosing a diamond decorated with four double hooks, combine into a strictly symmetrical repeat in the dark blue field. The spaces between the primary designs contain pairs of reciprocal white hook designs linked by vertical poles. – Only a very few Kurdish rugs with this lattice design of archaic appearance have survived. Burns has published a very similar example, attributing it to the Herki tribe of northern Kurdistan. – Obvious signs of age and wear, a number of holes, the left side and lower right corner are missing.

    BURNS, JAMES D., Antique Rugs of Kurdistan. London 2002, no. 25 *** DIENES, GERHARD M. & REINISCH, HELMUT, 2001 und 1e Nacht. Teppiche und Textilien aus Privatsammlungen. Graz 2001, no. 167

    RIPPON BOSWELL, A 53, 20 November 1999, lot 167