Our services:

Consultation on compiling or dissolving collections:

We provide expert advice on compiling, expanding or changing the focus of your collection. We offer our long-standing experience to assist you in dissolving a collection, dealing with an estate or resolving insurance matters. The fees for such services will be calculated on the basis of the work involved. Please contact the company management for further information on this service and book an appointment for a meeting.

Expert opinions:

We will arrange for expert opinions on antique collectible rugs and antique collectible textiles on behalf of our clients. In such cases we work with an expert in this field who has been publicly appointed and sworn in by the Wiesbaden Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Please make enquiries to the company management who will arrange for Contact with the expert.


You have the option of either ordering a catalogue for the current auction or subscribing for four successive auction catalogues. Please complete our Order Form for this purpose. You may also contact us directly to obtain catalogues of previous auctions, if available.


We publish a newsletter to provide information on forthcoming auctions to interested clients. Our newsletter contains a direct link to our current online catalogue. We would be pleased to register you as a regular recipient of our Newsletter. Current legislation obliges us to obtain your consent for subscription to our newsletter; you may unsubscribe at any time.

Restoration, conservation, cleaning:

Restoration, conservation and cleaning of valuable antique rugs and textiles require a high degree of expertise. We will arrange for your commissions to be handled competently and with care. We will organise the necessary work on your behalf, supervise execution and monitor the result. For this service we will charge a percentage of the amount invoiced.

Arranging purchases or sales of objects:

In addition to our auction services, we specialise in arranging purchases of important individual objects or collections. When contractually commissioned, we will conduct searches for specific objects sought by interested collectors or institutions. Our position in the market and worldwide contacts will often enable us to find the desired objects within a reasonable period of time. After successful conclusion of a purchase we will charge a commission based on the value of the objects involved. We offer the same service at analogous conditions to consignors wishing to sell objects. Please contact the company management for further information on this service and book an appointment to meet our experts.

In addition to our core expertise – antique rugs and textiles – we are involved in arranging purchases and sales or, if required, auctions of important objects from other art fields. In our new project, “Works of Art” we work with a professor of art history whose specialist fields include investigation and provenance research. A former museum director, he is also a renowned expert on all museum matters. For enquiries please contact the company management.