Spring Auction A 87 on 13th June 2015


Due to the fact that we scheduled two catalogue auctions in the spring, our regular Major Spring Auction was postponed from May to June. The time-consuming preparations for the first Vok sale in April obliged us to change the date.

The sale of three 17th century Anatolian rugs consigned to us by aristocratic Austrian owners from Vienna was particularly successful. Lot 125, a light-ground Manisa niche carpet of the Transylvanian type was knocked down for EUR 20,000 (estimate: EUR 10,000). Lot 145, a small-format Lotto moderately estimated at EUR 4,700 due to some condition issues fetched a hammer price of EUR 16,000. The red-ground Transylvanian double niche carpet offered as lot 170 achieved the best result in this group of historic rugs, selling for EUR 34,000 – twice its estimate.

The extraordinarily beautiful, large-format Bakhshaish rug offered as lot 175 achieved a fine result, selling for EUR 20,000 (estimate: EUR 6,000). Lot 160 – an extremely rare knotted Shahsavan seating rug showing pinwheel designs on a midnight blue ground – fetched EUR 10,000 (estimate: EUR 4,700). Another remarkable price was achieved by lot 137, a Suzani presenting a strikingly expressive design with huge ornaments in the Lakai style. This rare silk embroidery was knocked down to an American collector for EUR 17,000 (estimate: EUR 6,000).

As regards the results for the Caucasian rugs, we noted a continuation of the downward trend of the past few years. It is a well-known fact that all areas of the antiques market are subject to sharp fluctuations and changes in fashion trends. However, even long-standing observers of the market are astounded by the fact that Caucasian rugs – once some of the most coveted collectors‘ items – are slow to sell nowadays, and consequently have dropped substantially in price. Collectors who have the courage to act anticyclically are currently able to buy at temptingly low prices; this may well pay off in future, as the number of high-quality pieces entering the market will continue to decrease steadily. Only the early though rather damaged Star Kazak offered as lot 154 achieved an acceptable price, selling for EUR 26,000.


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