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    • Lot147
    • OriginCentral Anatolia, Konya region
    • Dimensions335 x 107 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Result EUR1,845
    Four huge star devices fill the blazing red field. Each of the primary designs is combined with four hooked triangles arranged around it. The black-ground border contains serrated diagonal leaves divided in two by colour change and horizontal flowers with cup-shaped blossoms. In this long rug with the full pile preserved, the expressive, strong and brilliant colours are a surprising feature. It is virtually indistinguishable from an example published by Brüggemann/Böhmer and sold by us in 1985. – Most of the heavily corroded black sections have been partially repiled. Major repiled areas in the whole of the left border section.

    BRÜGGEMANN, WERNER & BÖHMER, HARALD, Teppiche der Bauern und Nomaden in Anatolien. Munich 1980, no. 10 = RIPPON BOSWELL, A 22, # 67

    • Lot151
    • OriginNorth West Persia, Azerbaijan
    • Dimensions138 x 53 cm
    • AgeMid 19th century
    • Result EUR3,444
    A complete double bag woven by the Shahsavan of the Hashtrud-Mianeh region. The wide, midnight blue horizontal stripes containing rows of hexagons in diverse colours with stepped outlines, the polychrome closure bands and the connecting panel are all woven in the kilim technique. The patterned dividing stripes inserted between them are very finely woven in the sumakh technique. The kilim back shows dark brown and ochre horizontal stripes. A rare and high-quality collector’s piece in very beautiful colours. – Good condition.
    • Lot152
    • OriginNorth West Persia, Azerbaijan
    • Dimensions216 x 91 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Result EUR1,845
    Four huge Memling güls within octagonal surrounds take up almost the whole of the midnight blue field. The free spaces at their sides are densely patterned in small decorative motifs. The border section is composed of three bands almost equal in width, with stars aligned in a row in the central white-ground border. – Several repaired and repiled sections, partially reselvedged, good overall condition.
    • Lot156
    • OriginNorth West Persia, Azerbaijan
    • Dimensions127 x 53 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Result EUR1,476
    A completely preserved double bag woven in the slit tapestry technique. The dark blue faces present a repeat of offset rows of diamonds in diverse colours with stepped outlines which are divided horizontally along their centres. The border shows red-and-white reciprocal hooks. The backs are plain brown kilims. – Original finishes all around, very good condition.
    • Lot157
    • OriginCentral Asia, West Turkestan
    • Dimensions178 x 114 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Result EUR3,690
    This small Turkmen rug in the ensi format was probably woven by the Kizil Ayak. The field design of fourteen horizontal stripes, separated by narrow arrow borders and each containing seven house-like shapes, presents a mystery as regards its iconography. It has only been encountered in a very few other examples. Are they representations of prayer niches or possibly tents? Elmby has published an almost identical ensi. – New overcasting along the sides, otherwise well preserved, including the kilim ends.

    ELMBY, HANS, Antikke Turkmenske Tæpper IV. Antique Turkmen Rugs Kopenhagen 1998, no. 51

    • Lot161
    • OriginEast Caucasus, Kuba region
    • Dimensions148 x 100 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Result EUR1,230
    A small chichi with an extra-wide border section of five bands. The narrow field contains a hexagonal lattice of serrated leaves which encloses small trees. – Several restored areas, three corners have been replaced, signs of age and wear.
    • Lot162
    • OriginEast Caucasus, Shirvan region
    • Dimensions277 x 116 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Result EUR3,690
    Chajli rugs were made in the southern Shirvan region which borders Moghan. The red field of this beautiful example contains two yellow and two blue octagonal medallions with the characteristic, seemingly zoomorphous interior drawing. The field design is complemented by horizontal hooked pole motifs. Colourful stars are linked by a double vine in the white main border. – Minimally reduced lower finish, the original kilim survives at the top, new overcasting along the sides. Slight signs of wear in the pile, minor repairs, one major repair in the upper right corner.
    • Lot163
    • OriginSouth West Persia, Fars
    • Dimensions41 x 44 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Result EUR3,075
    This very finely woven Qashqa’i bag face has red, yellow, green and white botehs arranged horizontally on a dark blue ground. The lower finish is decorated in a minute grid design of tiny dice. – Slight signs of age and wear, some damage to the lower finish.
    • Lot164
    • OriginSouth East Europe
    • Dimensions253 x 177 cm
    • AgeFirst half 19th century
    • Result EUR1,230
    On a black-brown ground, large offset triple nested diamonds with serrated outlines combine into a repeat of brilliant and diverse colours. Lateral border are absent in this kilim. Each end has a wide elem of horizontal, interlocking stepped gables. – Small restored areas along the sides, slight signs of wear.
  • Ningxia Landscape Rug

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    • Lot166
    • OriginWest China
    • Dimensions246 x 163 cm
    • AgeMid 19th century
    • Result EUR9,594
    The field of this rare Ningxia shows a park landscape projected onto the surface and viewed from above, with hills and lakes, many small trees, pavilions, birds and water birds. At the bottom right we see a horseman followed by a servant and on the left, a large tree with pendulous leafless branches as well as a larger pavilion. The representation is modelled on Chinese paintings. The field is surrounded by an inner pearl border, while a swastika meandering vine is depicted in perspective in the main border. – Signs of age and wear, the light blue sections are heavily corroded. Original finishes all around.