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Saturday 05. December 2020 at 3 p.m.

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  • Aydinli Prayer Kilim

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    • Lot57
    • OriginWest Anatolia, Ushak region
    • Dimensions142 x 108 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Result EUR1,375
    A narrow, elongated mihrab form enclosing a delicately drawn tree of life lies in the blue field. The wide, white border comprises hexagons bearing lateral hooks. – Well preserved except for slight damage to the edges and minor darned areas, the braided warps survive at both ends.

    BAUSBACK, PETER, Kelim. Antike orientalische Flachgewebe. Mannheim & Munich 1983, pl. 20

    • Lot58
    • OriginEast Anatolia
    • Dimensions149 x 117 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Result EUR3,250
    In this Kurdish rug from the Sivas region, a large, light green mihrab lies on the dark red ground of the field. Ending in a stepped arch at the top, the mihrab is filled with pairs of amulets and stars. The orange-ground border contains cartouches lined up in a row. – Very good condition, original finishes all around.

    TURKISH REPUBLIC MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND TOURISM (publ.), Turkish Handwoven Carpets. Catalog no: 4. Ankara 1990, 0368

    • Lot59
    • OriginNorth West Anatolia
    • Dimensions160 x 111 cm
    • AgeSecond half 19th century
    • Result EUR2,125
    This pretty Bergama is woven in a chequerboard design of horizontal rectangular compartments outlined in white. They enclose octagons in varying ground colours which each contain a large Memling gül in contrasting colours. A narrow border of diagonal stripes and stars. Finely woven kilim finishes of polychrome horizontal stripes at both ends. – Slight signs of age and wear, minor repiled areas, the two upper corners of the kilim have been replaced.
    • Lot61
    • OriginLondon & New York
    • Dimensions39 x 30 cm
    • Age1938-1939
    • Result EUR1,750
    POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM (ed.), A Survey of Persian Art from Prehistoric Times to the Present. 6 volumes (Oxford University Press). London & New York 1938–1939. – Volume I: Text (Pre-Achaemenid, Achaemenid, Parthian and Sasanian Periods); Volume II: Text (Architecture, The Ceramic Arts, Calligraphy and Epigraphy); Volume III: Text (The Art of the Book, Textiles, Carpets, Metalwork, Minor Arts); Volume IV: Plates 1–510; Volume V: Plates 511–980; Volume VI: Plates 981–1482. – A rare original edition. Light blue linen binding embossed with gold. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Slight signs of wear, good condition.
    • Lot62
    • OriginBerlin
    • Dimensions51,5 x 36,5 cm
    • Age1877
    • Result EUR350
    LESSING, JULIUS, Altorientalische Teppichmuster. Nach Bildern und Originalen des XV.- XVI. Jahrhunderts. (Portfolio) Berlin no date (1877). – Portfolio folder with an embossed front cover, 30 plates, the text is missing. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Signs of wear, good overall condition.
    • Lot63
    • OriginBaku - Leningrad
    • Dimensions46 x 35 cm
    • Age1961
    • Result EUR325
    KERIMOV, LJATIF, Aserbaischankij Kowjer I. Baku - Leningrad 1961. – Original edition in Russian and Azerbaijani. Dark green linen binding, gold-embossed front. Comprehensive text, 238 plates with illustrations of Caucasian carpets and drawings of their designs in black-and-white and colour. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Many hand-written notes, translations and comments in German by the previous owner. – Slight signs of wear, good condition.
    • Lot64
    • OriginSt. Petersburg
    • Dimensions72,5 x 54
    • Age1908
    • Result EUR750
    BOGOLUBOW, ANDREI ANDREIJEWITSCH, Tapisseries de L'Asie Centrale faisant partie de la collection réunie par A. Bogolubow. St. Petersburg 1908. Printed by Karl W. Hiersemann, Leipzig. – Dark green folder in the Imperial folio format. 43 plates and two maps. Russian text supplement. The French text supplement is missing. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Slight signs of wear on the outside of the folder, otherwise in very good condition.
  • Sarre & Schulz

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    • Lot65
    • OriginBerlin
    • Dimensions54 x 37 cm
    • Age1924
    • Result EUR563
    SARRE, FRIEDRICH & SCHULZ, BRUNO, Ardabil. Grabmoschee des Schech Safi. Denkmäler Persischer Baukunst Part II. Berlin 1924. - Portfolio comprising XXI plates, text supplement of 28 pages. Dark green cardboard binding. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Good condition.
  • Grote-Hasenbalg

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    • Lot66
    • OriginBerlin
    • Dimensions26 x 26 cm
    • Age1922
    • Result EUR1,875
    GROTE-HASENBALG, WERNER, Der Orientteppich. Seine Geschichte und seine Kultur. 3 volumes. Berlin 1922. – Text volume of 228 pages, various black-and-white illustrations, 21 full-page plates partly in colour, as well as 7 plates of motifs and designs and one map. Illustrated volumes II and III comprising 120 colour illustrations of antique carpets in postcard format mounted onto card. – Rare edition with partial leather binding, green leather, brown covers with a craquelure design, gilt-edged pages at the top. Edition of 400 hand-bound copies. Drawn and numbered in Roman numerals by the author himself, this copy is number VIII. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Slight signs of wear, good condition.
  • Schmutzler

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    • Lot67
    • OriginLeipzig
    • Dimensions44 x 35 cm
    • Age1933
    • Result EUR469
    SCHMUTZLER, EMIL, Altorientalische Teppiche in Siebenbürgen. Leipzig 1933. Folio format, light blue linen binding, gold-embossed black leather spine. Publication of 325 numbered copies, this copy is no. 34. Estate of Heinrich Jacoby. – Slight signs of wear, good condition.