Major Autumn Auction

Saturday 05. December 2009 at 3 p.m.

106 Lots
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    • Lot1
    • OriginNorth East Caucasus
    • Dimensions144 x 99 cm
    • Age1247 = 1832
    • Result EUR6,832
    A dark blue rectangle containing human and animal figures has been placed at the centre of a yellow field densely covered in small botehs. Four tiny human figures have been included in the field design at the sides, two horsemen are integrated into the star border. Dated 1247 (= 1832 AD), this carpet, probably made in Daghestan, represents a period of Caucasian pile-weaving of which little is known as only a small number of examples survive, thus it constitutes an important reference piece. – Heavy damage due to age, reduced ends, darned areas.
  • Zeikhur Miniature Carpet

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    • Lot5
    • OriginEast Caucasus, Kuba
    • Dimensions31 x 32 cm
    • AgeLate 19th century
    • Result EUR1,120
    The white field is decorated with a diamond lattice design containing small stepped polygons with crosses at their centres. Exclusively made for personal use, such miniature carpets rarely reached the trade, and are thus little known in the West. – Very good condition, original finishes all around.
  • Ningxia Seat Cover

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    • Lot7
    • OriginWest China
    • Dimensions63 x 71 cm
    • AgeFirst half 19th century
    • Result EUR1,952
    This small, yellow-ground carpet once formed part of one of the long bench covers used by monks in the halls of Tibetan monasteries. Two very similar pieces from the Engelhardt Collection were sold by us in 2004 and 2005. – Very good condition.

    RIPPON BOSWELL Wiesbaden, A 64, 20/11/2004, # 36 und A 66, 19/11/2005, # 22

  • Ningxia Bench Cover

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    • Lot8
    • OriginWest China
    • Dimensions64 x 70 cm
    • AgeFirst half 19th century
    • Result EUR1,830
    Another section of the same bench cover as the previous lot.
  • Chinese Art Deco Embroidery

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    • Lot13
    • OriginChina
    • Dimensions98 x 67 cm
    • AgeFirst quarter 20th century
    • Result EUR207
    A textile picture in landscape format; the design has been embroidered on the white silk ground. In the lower half of the picture, the branches of a tree detail form diagonal lines on which five cranes depicted in lively movement have settled; three further cranes are shown in descending flight on the right. The characters at the right and top left of the picture have been painted on the ground in black India ink. – Good condition, mounted and framed behind glass.
  • Silk Textile

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    • Lot14
    • OriginChina
    • Dimensions67 x 23 cm
    • Age17th Century
    • Result EUR671
    Four small fragments of a very finely woven Chinese silk kilim in kesi technique, now mounted onto a blue fabric as a sequence of horizontal designs and framed. The fragments show two golden dragons and blue cloudbands on a grey-blue ground. Perhaps they are fragments of square rank badges that were affixed to the chest and back of garments worn by high-ranking dignitaries. – Slight signs of age, framed.
  • Ningxia Bench Cover

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    • Lot15
    • OriginWest China
    • Dimensions174 x 59 cm
    • AgeMid 19th century
    • Result EUR1,830
    These three square segments, still joined, once belonged to one of the long bench covers used as mats for joint prayer by monks in Tibetan monasteries. – Good condition, full pile preserved, strong and brilliant colours.
    • Lot20
    • OriginWest Persia, Arak region
    • Dimensions202 x 127 cm
    • AgeCa. 1900
    • Result EUR4,880
    Minimally reduced ends, original overcasting at the sides, full pile preserved.
  • Qashqa´i Gabbeh

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    • Lot21
    • OriginSouth West Persia, Fars
    • Dimensions195 x 145 cm
    • AgeCa. 1880
    • Result EUR4,880
    An antique Gabbeh by the Qashqa´i nomads, with two boldly stepped diamonds, each enclosing a smaller diamond, merging into one another. The spaces between are undecorated, a simple border of interlocked triangles has been added. This coarsely woven carpet of rustic appearance, with a poster-like design, is captivating for its brilliant colours: a triad of red, steel blue and canary yellow. Antique Gabbehs such as this are now popular with collectors as authentic folk art. – Very well preserved for its age, sides newly overcast.
    • Lot22
    • OriginNorth West Persia
    • Dimensions404 x 288 cm
    • AgeCa. 1920
    • Result EUR2,562
    A red field with an ogival central medallion containing a star at its centre, surrounded by arabesque vines. A blue main border of palmettes and serrated leaves in the typical, highly geometric Heriz style. – Somewhat reduced ends, otherwise well preserved.